I Historical Aspects of Foreign Bodies in the Air and Food Passages
II Etiologic Classification of Diseases Involving the External Ear
III Experimental Occlusion of the Inferior Cochlear Vein
IV Hemangiomas of the Frontal Bone : Report of Three Cases
V Treatment of the Tumors of the Inferior Alveolus and the Mandible
VI Bronchoscopic Removal of a Foreign Body with the AID of Triangulation Roentgenoscopy
VII The Aural Approach to the Parotid Gland
VIII The Indications for Radical Surgery in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer
IX Acoustic Trauma in Children
X Displacement by “Reverse Valsalva”
XI Bacterial and Cytological Diagnostic Criteria in Nasal and Sinus Disease
XII The Adult and His Hearing Problem
XIII Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Maxillary Sinus Report of a Case Review of the Literature
XIV Malignant Melanoma of the Larynx
XV Progress in the Surgical Treatment of Bilateral Laryngeal Paralysis
XVI Aural Manifestations of Allergy
XVII Does the Utricular Otolithic Membrane Move on Postural Changes of the Head?
XVIII Nasopharyngeal Radium Treatment : A Follow-Up Study of 263 Patients
XIX Studies with Steam Generated Aerosols : The Clinical Application of Antispasmodics, Mucolytics, Antibiotics and Other Agents in a Variety of Sino-Respiratory Diseases
XX Fractures of the Facial Bones—Standardization of Diagnosis and Treatment
XXI An Analysis of 240 Cases of Cancer of the Larynx, with Respect to the Terminal Phases and Death
XXII A Curved Chisel for Use in Nasal Surgery
XXIII Simplified Bronchoscopes
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