XXIV Otitis Externa : Bacteriological and Mycological Studies
XXV The Influence of Airplane Noise on Auditory Thresholds
XXVI Further Clinical Investigation on the Effect of Dramamine upon Cochlear Function
XXVII Preliminary Report on an Application of the Motor Function of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve
XXVIII Studies on the Otic Labyrinth : I. on the Origin and Insertion of the Tectorial Membrane
XXIX Studies on the Otic Labyrinth : II. a Theory on the Stimulation of the Organ of Corti by Sound Vibrations
XXX Venous Extension of a Mixed Salivary Gland Tumor : Case Report
XXXI Analysis of Hearing Loss Patterns in a Rural Illinois School System : A Comparison of Spring and Fall Audiometric Thresholds
XXXII Lingual Thyroid : With Report of a Case
XXXIII Scleroma : Report of a Case Apparently Cured by Streptomycin
XXXIV Iodism
XXXV Head and Face Pain of Sinus Origin
XXXVI Head and Face Pain Due to Autonomic Dysfunction
XXXVII Glomus Jugulare Tumor of Middle Ear with Normal Drum; Improved Biopsy Technique
XXXVIII Hematoma of the Larynx from External Trauma
XXXIX Removal of the Petrous Bone from the Cranial Base for Macro- and Microscopic Investigation : Historical and Technical Considerations
XL The Address of the President
XLI Laryngeal Tuberculosis
XLII Branchiogenic Carcinoma
XLIII The Suprahyoid Approach to Surgical Lesions at the Base of the Tongue
XLIV Rhinolith : A Report of Two Cases
XLV The Use of Cortisone and Corticotropin in the Field of Otorhinology and Laryngology
XLVI Bronchography in Children
XLVII The Influence of the Chemotherapeutic and Antibiotic Drugs on the Incidence and Course of Deep Neck Infections
XLVIII Cartilage Homografts in Rhinoplasty : A Critical Evaluation
XLIX Vacuum Frontal Sinusitis—Absorption of Air from the Frontal Sinus : An Experimental Study on Dogs
L Surgical Treatment of Chronic Frontal Sinusitis
LI Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Paralysis : A Revised Conception Based on the Dissection of One Hundred Cadavers
LII The Place of Tracheotomy in Head Injuries
Chicago Laryngological and Otological Society : Meeting of Monday, December 3, 1951
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