I The Control of Sound Transmission by the Middle Ear Muscles
II Hypersensitization of Tissue to Infections and Allergic Reactions
III A New Technique for Bone Conduction Testing
IV Classification and Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Problems
V Planes of Surgical Dissection of the Neck
VI Chronic Otitis in Children
VII The Clinical Significance of the Vallecula
VIII Management of Pharyngostome, Esophagostome and Associated Fistulae
IX Mobility of the Stapes in Chronic Middle Ear Suppuration
X In Vitro Culture of the Isolated Otocyst of the Embryonic Fowl
XI Primary Carcinoma of the Uvula a Report of Seven Cases
XII On Cigarette Smoking, Bronchial Carcinoma and Ciliary Action
XIII The Surgery of Cancer of the Larynx
XIV Indications for Radical Surgery, Partial Surgery, Radiotherapy and Combined Surgery and Radiotherapy for Cancer of the Larynx and Hypopharynx
XV Functional Deafness
XVI The Nasal Index
XVII Measurement of Auditory Thresholds before and after Strenuous Physical Exercise
XVIII Characteristics Peculiar to the Cartilaginous Septum of the Nose
XIX Modified Radical Mastoidectomy with Reconstruction of the Ear Canal
XX A Cyst of the Mastoid
XXI Hemorrhage of the Internal Carotid Artery Secondary to Deep Neck Abscess Report of a Case
XXII Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Frontal Sinus
XXIII Primary Lympho-Epithelioma of the Nasopharynx
XXIV A New Infant Tracheotomy Tube
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