LXVI Malignant Melanoma of the Head and Neck
LXVII The Principles of Vascular Surgery in Operations on the Head and Neck
LXVIII Fenestration of the Oval Window
LXIX The Surgical Restoration of Hearing in Chronic Otitis Media and its Audiological Basis
LXX Pathohistological Aural Changes in the Progeny of a Mother with Pseudohypoparathyroidism
LXXI The Stability of the Cochlear Response through Time
LXXII A Consideration of Some Physiological Principles in the Surgical Treatment of Ménière's Disease
LXXIII A Note on the Measurement of Nasal Flow Resistance
LXXIV A Method for Humidifying Inspired Air in Posttracheotomy Care
LXXV Malignant Lesions of the Nasopharynx
LXXVI Studies in Sialolithiasis II : Uric Acid Calculus of the Parotid Gland
LXXVII Inverse Bone Conduction
LXXVIII Urea Excretion through the Human Salivary Glands
LXXIX Carcinoma of the Larynx
LXXX Stress Factors in Rhinology
LXXXI H-Type Tracheoesophageal Fistula
LXXXII Endoscopic Aspects of Primary Tuberculosis in Children
LXXXIII Massive Atelectasis in Bronchial Asthma
LXXXIV Bronchial Adenoma in Childhood
LXXXV The Art and Science of Bronchography in Infants and Children
LXXXVI Perforation of the Esophagus
LXXXVII Recent Advances in the Diagnosis of Esophageal Disease with Special Reference to Studies of Esophageal Motility
LXXXVIII Local or General Anesthesia for Esophagoscopy, Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy : An Evaluation of 300 Cases
LXXXIX The Use of the Flexible Forceps : In the Removal of the Open Safety-Pin and Other Bi-Pronged Foreign Objects from the Esophagus by Gastric Version
XC Evaluation of Photographic Methods in the Endoscopic Study of the Air and Food Passages
XCI Acute Obstructing Bronchiolitis : A Medical Emergency
XCII The Correlation of Bronchoscopic and Bronchographic Findings in the Middle Lobe Syndrome
XCIII Comfortable Bronchoscopies Using the Sitting Position
XCIV Additional Experiences in Bronchotomy for Bronchial Adenoma
Chevalier Jackson, M.D.
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