LV Physiology of the Fetal Larynx and Lung
LVI Congenital Webs, Cysts, Laryngoceles and other Anomalies of the Larynx
LVII Inflammatory Diseases of the Larynx of Infants and Small Children
LVIII Treatment of Airway Problems in the Newborn
LIX Laryngeal Reflex Pathways Related to Rate and Rhythm of the Heart
LX Biodynamics of Injury to the Larynx in Automobile Collisions
LXI Laryngotracheal Injuries
LXII The “Trough” Method of Laryngotracheal Reconstruction
LXIII Elective Cervical Esophagostomy
LXIV Use of the Tubed Pedicle Flap in Head and Neck Surgery
LXV First Experiences with the Asai Technique for Vocal Rehabilitation after Total Laryngectomy
LXVI Recent Electron Studies with Special Reference to Respiratory Cilia
LXVII Carcinoma of the Trachea
LXVIII Central Nystagmus in the Cat
LXIX Electromyographic Investigation of the Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscles Related to Speech Sounds
LXX Studies on the Physiology of the Trachea
LXXI Mucopolysaccharide in Perilymph
LXXII Industrial Sudden Deafness
LXXIII The Ossicular Chain in Mammals
Books Received
Abstracts of Current Articles
Officers and Annual Meetings of National and International Otolaryngological Societies