LXXXII Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Otolaryngology
LXXXIII Supraglottic Surgery of the Larynx
LXXXIV Otorhinolaryngic Findings in Children with Voice Deviations : Preliminary Report
LXXXV Review of Diagnostic Audiometry
LXXXVI Etiology of a Middle Ear Cholesteatoma, Kodachrome Study of Pathogenesis
LXXXVII Afferent Nerve Fibers in the External Branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve in the Cat
LXXXVIII Two Devices for Analysis of Nystagmus
LXXXIX Otolaryngological Aspects of Thyroid Cancer
XC Facial Paralysis in Cephalic Herpes Zoster
XCI Effects of Alpha and Beta Adrenergic Agonists on Nasal Blood Flow
XCII Loudness Recruitment and its Measurement with Especial Reference to the Loudness Discomfort Level Test and Its Value in Diagnosis
XCIII Electron Microscopic Observations on the Postganglionic Sympathetic Fibers in the Guinea Pig Cochlea
XCIV Histiocytosis : Histopathological Study of the Temporal Bone
XCV Anaphylaxis and Skin Homograft Rejection : Effect of Simultaneous Splenectomy and Thymectomy in Rats and Guinea Pigs
Books Reviewed : A Synopsis of Otolaryngology
Officers and Annual Meetings of National and International Otolaryngological Societies