XX Experimental and Electron Microscopic Studies of Nerve Regeneration
XXI Neurodiagnostic Studies in Facial Paralysis
XXII Middle Fossa Facial Nerve Decompression
XXIII Surgical Consideration in Disorders of the Horizontal and Vertical Portions of the Facial Nerve
XXIV Management of Hyperfunction of the Facial Nerve
XXV Clinical Evaluation of Vocal Velocity Index in Laryngeal Disease
XXVI Vascular Anatomy of the Human Temporal Bone : A Preliminary Report
XXVII An Averaged Electroencephalic Auditory Diagnostic (Aea-D) Procedure
XXVIII Volume Conduction of Evoked Potentials in Adjacent Laryngeal Muscles
XXIX Innominate Artery Hemorrhage Complicating Tracheotomy
XXX The Otoliths and Their Examination
XXXI Histology of a Successful Stapes Mobilization
XXXII Stapedectomy in a Patient with von Willebrand's Disease
XXXIII Action of Metabolic Inhibitors and Energy-Rich Phosphate Compounds on Cochlear Potentials
XXXIV Induced Vestibular Nystagmus in Strabismic Patients
XXXV Classification of Middle Ear Effusions
XXXVI Simultaneous Deposits of Para-Amyloid in the Atypical Epithelial Formation, Planum Semilunatum and Stria Vascularis
XXXVII Traumatic Telescoping of Nasal Bones into the Base of the Skull
XXXVIII Chondrosarcoma of the Nasal Septum
XXXIX Oral Lesions as Presenting Manifestation of Disseminated Histoplasmosis : Report of Five Cases
XL The Reliability and Precision of a Modification of the Ablb Test
XLI Intraparotid Facial Neurilemmoma
Albert C. Furstenberg, M.D.
Book Review : Humengenetik - Ein kurzes Handbuch in fünf Bänden
Book Review : House-Dust Atopy and the House-Dust Mite
Book Review : Gefahren Bei Operationen An Hals, Ohr Und Gesicht Und Die Korrektur Fehlerhafter Eingriffe
Book Review : Hals-Nasen-Ohren Heilkunde Ein Kompendium Für Studenten Und Ärzte
Book Review : “Advances in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology” Volume 16 by L. Rüedi (ed.) S. Karger 1969
Book Review : Blowout Fractures of the Orbit
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