Development of Sensory Structures in Organ Cultures of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Gestation Day Mouse Embryo Inner Ears
Sudden Deafness and Labyrinthine Window Ruptures
Stability of Hearing over an Eight-Year Period following Wire-Vein Stapedectomy for Otosclerosis
Salivation Testing in Traumatic Facial Paralysis
Quantification of the “In Vitro” Development of the Mouse Embryo Inner Ear
Formation and Fate of the Otoconia
Testing for “Recruitment” by Electrocochleography
Concentration of Antibiotics in Sinus Secretions
An Unusual form of Alerting Mechanism in Electronystagmography
Perilymph Displacement by Cerebrospinal Fluid in the Cochlea
Ossicular Chain Transplantation in Cats
Blood Flow in Otorhinologic Tissue after Histamine and Papaverine
Amino Acid Composition of Human Nasal Mucus
Mucous Glands in the Middle Ear and Osseous Eustachian Tube
Static Lung Volumes in Singers
Effect of Varying Stimulus Parameters on the Galvanic Body-Sway Response
Influence of Alcohol on Positional Nystagmus over 32-Hour Periods
Postmortem Changes in Surface Preparations of the Cochlea
Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis
Improved Middle Ear Inflating Device
Endocrine Problems in Otolaryngology
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