Department of Otolaryngology Odense University Hospital and Institute of Anatomy University of Odense, Denmark
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Vascular Channels in the Auditory Ossicles in Man
Pathological Changes in the Middle Ear Joints
Middle-Ear Mucosa in Newborn Infants
Sodium and Potassium Concentrations in the Endolymph and Perilymph of the Cat
Synaptic Contacts within the Intraganglionic Spiral Bundle and other Recent Ultrastructural Findings in Relation to Concepts of Efferent Cochlear Innervation
Ultrastructure of Olfactory Epithelia in Mice after Smoke Exposure
Chronic Intracochlear Electrode Implantation : Cochlear Pathology and Acoustic Nerve Survival
Tomography in the Diagnosis of Petrositis
Ethacrynic Acid, Furosemide, and Vestibular Caloric Responses
The Similarities of Optokinetic After-Nystagmus to the Vestibular Nystagmus
Quantitative Determination of Secretory Immunoglobulin a (SIgA) in Middle Ear Effusions
A Contribution to the Physiology of the Perilymph Part II : Cochlear and Cerebral Blood Flow
Oat Cell Carcinoma of the Larynx
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Chronic Burning Tongue Syndrome
Book Review : The Unfavorable Result in Plastic Surgery
Book Review : Advances in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Volume 18
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