Visible Laryngeal Changes during Voice Therapy
Surgical Correction of Subglottic Stenosis of the Larynx in Infants and Children; Progress Report
Multiple Postintubation Complications
Fibrosarcoma of the Head and Neck
Vocal Rehabilitation in the Laryngectomized Patient with a Tracheoesophageal Shunt
A Technique for Improving Esophageal and Tracheopharyngeal Speech
Experiences with the Carbon Dioxide Laser in the Larynx
Reconstruction of the Tongue
Total Reconstruction of the Hypopharynx with Tongue Flap and Dermal Graft
Laryngotracheal Autograft for Postcricoid Carcinoma; A Reevaluation
Adenocarcinoma of the Larynx
Normal Limit of the Electrogustometry Test
Stria Ultrastructure and Vessel Transport in Acoustic Trauma
The Presence of Melanocytes in the Nasal Cavity
Tracheostome Maintenance by Obturator for Prolonged or Future Need
Specific Acute Losses of Vestibular Function in Four Patients following Unilateral Section of One or All Components of the Eighth Cranial Nerve
Studies of Cochlear Vasculature and Sensory Structures
A Report of Four Cases and a Review of the Literature
Glaucoma and Idiopathic Endolymphatic Hydrops
Postoperative Pneumothorax Secondary to Hypopharyngeal Perforation during Anesthetic Intubation
Abstracts of Current Articles
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