Glottographic Measurement of Vocal Dysfunction
Quantitative and Objective Evaluation of Vocal Cord Function
Three-Dimensional Computer Reconstruction of the Distribution of Neuromuscular Junctions in the Thyroarytenoid Muscle
Voice Change in the Pediatric Patient a Differential Diagnosis
Quantification of Intralaryngeal Pressure Exerted by Endotracheal Tubes
Congenital Laryngeal Hemangioma
Further Observations on the Treatment of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis with Interferon
Training Singing Children during the Phases of Voice Mutation
Laryngeal Nerve Crush for Spastic Dysphonia
The Memorable Life of Hosmer A. Johnson, Early Midwestern Laryngologist
Teflon Injection of the Vocal Cord
Early Experiences with Vocal Ligament Tightening
Muscle Transposition in the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed Larynx
Intralaryngeal Release for Tracheal Anastomosis
Preoperative Irradiation and Surgery for Carcinoma of the Base of the Tongue
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Subglottic Region
Compound Action-Potential Tuning Curves in Normal and Acoustically Traumatized Cats
Management of Congenital Ear Malformations
Selective Induction of Macrophages in the Middle Ear
Evaluation of the Adult with Sleep Apnea
Solitary Lateral Cervical Cyst
Osteomyelitis of the Clavicle
Irrigation of the Maxillary Sinus by Canine Fossa Puncture
X-Ray Study of the Month an Ectopic Salivary Calculus
Ameloblastoma of the Maxilla and Peripheral Ameloblastomas