Nonclosure of Pharyngeal Muscle after Laryngectomy
Ligneous Conjunctivitis
Use of the Nasogastric Tube after Total Laryngectomy
Laryngeal Chondrosarcoma
Bilateral Endolymphatic Hydrops in Meniere's Disease
Middle Ear as a Gas Pocket
Immunoglobulin E and Circulating Immune Complexes in Endolymphatic Hydrops
Sensitivity and Specificity of the Head-Shaking Test for Detecting Vestibular System Abnormalities
Nasopharyngeal Mass
Carcinoid Tumors of the Middle Ear
Endotracheal Tube Safety with the Erbium
Effect of Helium Concentration on Experimental Upper Airway Obstruction
Malignant Transformation in a Laryngeal Hemangioma
Quantification of the Relation between Electrophysiologic and Morphologic Changes in Experimental Endolymphatic Hydrops
Evoked Vertex and Inferior Colliculus Responses to Electrical Stimulation of the Cochlear Nucleus
Primary Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma of the Larynx
Beta-Adrenoceptor Control of Peroxidase Synthesis in Nasal Glands
Temporal Lobe Tumor Manifested by Localized Dysgeusia
Warthin's Tumor
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Book Review
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