Analysis of the Forces and Position Required for Direct Laryngoscopic Exposure of the Anterior Vocal Folds
Laryngopharyngeal Sensory Discrimination Testing and the Laryngeal Adductor Reflex
Severe Pharyngeal Stenosis Treated with Inferiorly Based Sternocleidomastoid Myocutaneous Flap
Prevention of Airway Complications in Thyroplasty Patients Requiring Endotracheal Intubation
Fat Implantation into Reinke's Space
Inner Ear Damage in Torp-Operated Ears
Mastoid Buffering Properties
Inflammatory Response to Chronic Otitis Media in Digeorge Syndrome
Mucin Gene Expression in the Rat Middle Ear
Immunohistochemical Distribution of Extracellular Matrix Components and Keratin in Experimentally Induced Otitis Media
Ankle-Arm Index as a Screening Examination for Fibula Free Tissue Transfer
Nitric Oxide Synthase Type 3 is Increased in Squamous Hyperplasia, Dysplasia, and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck
Correcting Vocal Fold Immobility by Autologous Collagen Injection for Voice Rehabilitation
Leiomyosarcoma of the Larynx
Quantitative Glycohistochemical Characterization of Normal Nasal Mucosa, and of Single as Opposed to Massive Nasal Polyps
Esophageal Contractility Synchronous with Expiration
Endoscopic Diverticulotomy for the Treatment of Zenker's Diverticulum
High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Recurrent Pneumoparotitis