Changing Trends in Angioedema
Comparison of Microflap Healing Outcomes with Traditional and Microsuturing Techniques
Avoiding Intubation in the Injured Subglottis
Tracheal Reconstruction with a Synthetic Material in a Porcine Model
Pediatric Bilateral Vocal Fold Immobility
Laryngospasm and Diaphragmatic Arrest in Immature Dogs after Laryngeal Acid Exposure
Thyroglossal Duct Carcinoma
Transcanal Atticoaditotomy and Transcortical Mastoidectomy for Cholesteatoma
Failure of Grommet Insertion in Post-Irradiation Otitis Media with Effusion
Demonstration of Intravital Microfissures in Undecalcified Plastic-Embedded Temporal Bones with the Prestaining Technique
Photochemically Induced Equilibrium Dysfunction in the Hamster Model with Evaluation by Means of a New Globe Rotatory Test System
Importance of Glottic Configuration in the Development of Posterior Laryngeal Granuloma
Transillumination Laryngoscopy
Comparison of Cyfra 21–1 and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen in Detecting Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Morphological and Histochemical Studies of the Genioglossus Muscle
Rhinomanometric and Olfactometric Variations Throughout the Menstrual Cycle
Phenytoin-Induced Lingual Tonsil Hyperplasia Causing Laryngeal Obstruction
Spontaneous Dissection of the Internal Carotid Artery in its Extracranial Portion, Revealed by a Hypoglossal Paralysis
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