Reliability of the Pharyngeal Squeeze Maneuver
Creation and Validation of the Singing Voice Handicap Index
Bilateral Sudden Profound Hearing Loss and Vertigo as a Unique Manifestation of Bilateral Symmetric Inferior Pontine Infarctions
Voice Handicap Evaluation of Patients with Pathologic Sulcus Vocalis
Liposarcoma of the Larynx
Intranasal Fungi and Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor a in Children with Acquired Airway Stenosis
Reflux Symptom Index versus Reflux Finding Score
Dysfunction of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve and the Potential of Gene Therapy
Quantitative Analysis of OX62-Positive Dendritic Cell Distribution in the Rat Laryngeal Complex
Posterior Sinus of the Middle Ear
Upper Displacement of the Anterior Commissure
Duodenal Contents Reflux-Induced Laryngitis in Rats