Reliability of the Pharyngeal Squeeze Maneuver
Creation and Validation of the Singing Voice Handicap Index
Bilateral Sudden Profound Hearing Loss and Vertigo as a Unique Manifestation of Bilateral Symmetric Inferior Pontine Infarctions
Voice Handicap Evaluation of Patients with Pathologic Sulcus Vocalis
Liposarcoma of the Larynx
Intranasal Fungi and Chronic Rhinosinusitis : What is the Relationship?
Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor a in Children with Acquired Airway Stenosis
Reflux Symptom Index versus Reflux Finding Score
Dysfunction of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve and the Potential of Gene Therapy
Quantitative Analysis of OX62-Positive Dendritic Cell Distribution in the Rat Laryngeal Complex
Posterior Sinus of the Middle Ear
Upper Displacement of the Anterior Commissure : Experimental Study of a New Phonosurgical Approach to Raising Vocal Pitch
Duodenal Contents Reflux-Induced Laryngitis in Rats : Possible Mechanism of Enhancement of the Causative Factors in Laryngeal Carcinogenesis