Message from the Editor
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Who Are Its Practitioners? What Should They Be?
Total Prosthetic Replacement of the Temporomandibular Joint
Advantages of Interpositional Long Venous Grafts in Microvascular Surgery
Microsurgical Repair of Peripheral Nerve Injuries in the Upper Extremity
Forehead and Brow Lifts and Their Relationship to Blepharoplasty
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of the Parotid Gland: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment
Augmentation Mammaplasty: A Surgical and Psychiatric Evaluation of the Results
Management of Ulcers of the Leg by Muscle Transposition
Colloquium: Muscle Transposition for Leg Ulcers
Capsular Contraction Around Silicone Mammary Prostheses
Cross-Foot Flap for Ankle Coverage
Pretracheal Cervical Granular Cell Myoblastoma
John Davies Reese and the Reese Dermatome
A New Polymer-Iodine Combination (Iodoplex) for Treatment of Donor Sites: A Preliminary Controlled Study
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Second Edition
New Concepts in Maxillofacial Bone Surgery
Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor