Depressed Scars and Soft Tissues
Clinical Utilization of Injectable Collagen
Cocaine Uses and Abuses
Orbital Exenteration and Reconstruction for Massive Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Cutaneous Origin
Draftsmanship for Reduction Mammaplasty
Bacteremia Following Cleft Palate Repair—A Prospective Study
Hemipalatal Palsy and Microtia
The Treatment of Earlobe Keloids by Surgical Excision and Postoperative Triamcinolone Injection
Inferior Flap Reduction Mammaplasty with Pedicled Nipple
Postirradiation Flap Infection About the Oral Cavity
Rectus Abdominis Deepithelialized Musculocutaneous Island Flap as a Silicone Substitute in Breast Reconstruction
Surgical Approaches to the Nasal Dermoid Cyst
Robert Liston's Life and Work in the Renaissance of Plastic Surgery
Microscopic and Endoscopic Surgery with the CO2 Laser
Rhytidectomy Technique Refined
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