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The McGill University Plastic Surgery Program
Circulation, Bone Scans, and Tetracycline Labeling in Microvascularized and Vascular Bundle Implanted Rib Grafts
The Vascular Pattern and Viability of Microvascularized Rib Grafts Based on Periosteal Circulation— an Experimental Study
Skin Flap Research: A Candid View
Are Burn Wound Biopsies Obsolete? A Comparative Study of Bacterial Quantitation in Burn Patients Using the Absorbent Disc and Biopsy Techniques
Early Enteral Feeding of Patients with Major Burns: Prevention of Catabolism
An Anastomotic Device for Microvascular Surgery: Evolution
Central Consequences of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Experimental Models in Primates for Reconstructive Surgery Utilizing Tissue Transplants
The Use of Full-Thickness Skin Grafts in the Reconstruction of the Male Urethra
Rhinoplasty: A Graded Aesthetic–Anatomical Approach
Epignathus: A Report of Two Cases
Intermaxillary Fixation
Genito-Urinary Problems in Children
Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings in the U.S. and Abroad