Editor's Introduction to the British Issue
Guest Editorial
Plastic Surgery in Great Britain
Plastic Surgery Manpower, Training, and Prospects in Great Britain
The Fibrous Capsules Around Static and Dynamic Implants: Their Biochemical, Histological, and Ultrastructural Characteristics
Prediction of Internal Arterial Diameter from Measurement of External Diameter
Direct Anastomotic Assessment for Postoperative Microvascular Monitoring
Indications and Long-term Assessment of 10 Cases of Cross-Leg Free DCIA Flaps
The Complications of Fasciocutaneous Flaps
Infective Cutaneous Gangrene—Urgency in Diagnosis and Treatment
Objectives for Cleft Palate Repair
The Facial Artery Island Flap
A History of the Repair of Cleft Lip and Palate in Britain Before World War II
Reconstruction of the Pelvis Using a Composite Island Flap Salvaged from the Remaining Leg
Desmoplastic Fibroma of the Mandible
A Simple New Technique for Injecting Steroids into Scars
What Size Prosthesis for Augmentation Mammaplasty?
Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings in the U.S. and Abroad