Editor's Introduction to the University of Toronto Issue
The Toronto Residency Program
History of the Univesity of Toronto Plastic Surgery Training Program
Challenges in Developing Resident Training in Aesthetic Surgery
A Smile for the Möbius' Syndrome Patient
Reconstruction of Cupid's Bow
Advances in Burn Scar Reconstruction
Detailed Morphometry of the Nose in Patients with Treacher Collins Syndrome
Complex Orbital Fractures
An Evaluation of the Pedicled Thoracoumbilical Flap in Upper Extremity Reconstruction
The Management of Infected Median Sternotomy Wounds
Salvage of the Infected Groin Vascular Graft with Muscle Flaps
New Directions in Peripheral Nerve Surgery
list of Reviewers
Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings in the U.S. and Abroad