Centralisation of upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery
Private provision in the UK National Health Service
The case against private provision in the NHS
The case for private provision in the NHS
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Testicular prostheses
Impact of HIV and AIDS on surgical practice
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The impact of patient-controlled analgesia on laparoscopic cholecystectomy
A study of the routine use of venous photoplethysmography in a one-stop vascular surgery clinic
AAA benchmarking by Dr Foster
Ecstasy-associated pneumomediastinum
e-Letters – new additions
Avulsion injuries of the hamstring origin -- a series of 12 patients and management algorithm
Inter- and intra-observer variation of the Schatzker and AO/OTA classifications of tibial plateau fractures and a proposal of a new classification system
Musculoskeletal tuberculosis in Bradford -- a 6-year review
Local anaesthetic infusion with elastomeric pump after arthroscopic subacromial decompression
Long-term survival is possible after stenting for malignant ureteric obstruction in colorectal cancer
Pre-operative oral iron supplementation reduces blood transfusion in colorectal surgery - a prospective, randomised, controlled trial
Mutual mentoring in laparoscopic urology - a natural progression from laparoscopic fellowship
Out-patient flexible cystoscopy using a disposable slide-on™ endosheath system
Excision of metatarsal bone and metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint in neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer
A new technique for reduction of paediatric femoral fractures using elastic stable intramedullary nails
A low-cost technique for measuring the intra-abdominal pressure in non-industrialised countries
Using video-assisted thorascoscopy (VATS) to aid the anterior mediastinotomy approach to mediastinal masses
Level determination in anterior cervical fusion
Use of a Yankauer sucker as a temporary soft tissue protector and drill stop in surgical procedures
Dual publication and the watchful referee
CORESS Feedback
Is your phone bugged? The incidence of pathogenic bacteria on healthcare personnel's mobile phones
Role of endovenous laser treatment in the management of chronic venous insufficiency
Histological examination of circular stapled ‘doughnuts’
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Haem oxygenase-1 preconditioning agents differentially modulate hepatocyte function
Can fenestrated EVAR be justified?
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Crohn's disease
Robotic surgery
Postoperative ventilation in the recovery area
Postoperative ventilation in the recovery area
Managing patients after oesophagectomy
Managing patients after oesophagectomy
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Problems with the Yankauer sucker for irrigating wounds
Unilocular cystic sebaceous lymphadenoma: a rare tumour
Large osteoarthritic cyst presenting as soft tissue tumour — a case report
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