The Responsibility of the Medical Profession to Medical Education
The Prophylactic Treatment of Malignant Disease with Nitrogen Mustard and Triethylenethiophosphoramide (ThioTEPA)
The Rate of Disappearance of Intradermally Injected Radiosodium as an Index of Blood Flow in Normal and Chronically Ulcerated Legs
Factors Which Influence the Long Term Survival of Patients with Cancer of the Lung
Bronchiectasis : A Fourteen Year Appraisal
Cross-Finger Pedicle Flap in Hand Surgery
Peno-Scrotal Skin Losses, Repaired by Implantation and Free Skin Grafting
Malignancies of the Small Intestine
The Treatment of Peritonitis Using Peritoneal Lavage
Resection and Primary Anastomosis in Diverticulitis of the Colon
Colotomy, Coloscopy, and Colectomy in the Management of Polyps of the Large Intestine
Blunt Trauma to the Abdomen
Rupture of Colon in Infants During Barium Enema : Report of Two Cases
Surgery in “Siamese” Twins : A Report of Three Sets of Conjoined Twins Treated Surgically
Carcinoma of the Stomach A Study of 18 Five Year Survivors
Duodenal Ulcer : Treatment by Vagotomy and Removal of the Gastric Antrum
Five-to-Ten-Year Follow up of 162 Cases of Duodenal Ulcer Treated by Vagotomy With and Without Associated Gastric Operations
Twenty-Five Years' Experience with Billroth I Gastric Resection
Gastrojejunocolic and Gastrocolic Fistulas
Massive Hemorrhage from Peptic Ulcer The Changing Therapy Over a 28 Year Period
Upper Gastro-intestinal Hemorrhage of Obscure Origin