Mechanics of Arteriomesenteric Duodenal Obstruction and Direct Surgical Attack Upon Etiology
The Surgical Treatment of Arterial Emboli with Special Reference to the Use of a Standardized Segmental Plethysmograph
A Bacteriologic Study of Human Portal Blood : Implications Regarding Hepatic Ischemia in Man
Hypothermia in Mesenteric Arterial and Venous Occlusions
Magnesium Metabolism in Severely Burned Patients
Submucous Lipoma of the Colon
Carcinoma of the Main Hepatic Ducts, Within the Liver : A Report of Two Cases, Treated by Intrahepatic Cholangiojejunostomy
Ewing's Sarcoma : Ten-Year Survivals Report of a Case with Recurrent Pulmonary Metastases
The Surgery of Traumatic Arteriovenous Fistulas and Aneurysms A Five-Year Follow up Study of 215 Lesions
Peritoneo-Pericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia
Absorption from Experimental Wounds
Close Proximity Shotgun-Blast Injuries of the Chest
Inguinal Hernia in Female Infants and Children
Femoral Hernia and Its Management With Particular Reference to Its Occurrence Following Inguinal Herniorrhaphy
Hemodynamic Changes in Graded Hemorrhage with Special Reference to the Peripheral Circulation
Acute Gastric Dilatation Due to Nasal Oxygen
Congenital Atresia of the Colon® Case Report
Bleeding Brunner Gland Adenoma of Duodenum Simulating Duodenal Ulcer A Case Report
Dermoid Cysts of the Spleen
The Centuhy of The Surgeon
Skin Grafting
Atlas Of Eye Surgery
The Biologic Basis of Cancer Management : Fundamental Research, Experimental Biology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
Surgery Of the Chest
Milestones in Modern Surgery
Complete Severance of the Common Bile Duct Due to Non-Penetrating Trauma
Leiomyoma of the Greater Saphenous Vein with Preoperative Localization by Phlebography
Massive Gastro-intestinal Hemorrhage in Jejunal Diverticulosis