Dynamic Aspects of Medical Education
Primary Malignant Melanoma on the Trunk : An Analysis of 194 Cases
Sear Tissue Carcinoma : Part I. A Clinical Study with Special Reference to Burn Scar Carcinoma
Mammary Carcinoma in Old Age
Acute Brachial Artery Occlusion
Massive Pulmonary Embolism : III. Immediate Electrocardiographic Changes
Congenital Intrahepatic Arteriovenous Fistula : Report of a Successfully Treated Case
Subphrenic Extrathoracic Rupture of the Esophagus : First Reported Case
Traumatic Intercostal Arteriovenous Fistula : Case Report
Complete Rectal Prolapse : An Evaluation of Surgical Treatment
Reversed Intestinal Segments in the Management of Anenteric Malabsorption Syndrome
Acute Appendicitis in a Rural Community—Series IV
Use of Tanned Collagen Sponges in the Treatment of Liver Injuries
Management of Liver Trauma in 259 Consecutive Patients
Experimental Ascites : V. Production of Hepatic Outflow Block and Ascites with a Hepatic Vein Choker
Experimental Comparison of Autogenous, Homogenous, and Heterogenous Bone Grafts : A Planimetric Measurement Study
Effect of Profound Hypothermia with Circulatory Arrest in Dogs : Special Reference to Changes in Cerebrovascular Permeability
Functional Studies of the Extrahepatic Biliary System in the Dog by Use of a Controlled Biliary Fistula
The Healing of Rat Skin Wounds
Endemic and Morphologic Similarities Existing between Spontaneous Colonic Neoplasms in Man and 3 : 2′-Dimethyl-4-Aminobiphenyl Induced Colonic Neoplasms in Rats