Some Biochemical and Biophysical Aspects of Joint Stiffness
Biosynthesis of Intestinal Mucin in Shock
Measurement of Intravascular Erythrocyte Sequestration by Cr31
Coagulation Changes in Clinical Shock
Coagulation Changes in Clinical Shock
Effects of Adrenergic Blocking Agents on Renal Blood Flow in Normovolemia and Experimental Hypovolemia
Temporary Use of Ex-vivo Heterologous Liver for Hepatic Insufficiency
Effect of Portacaval Shunt on Gastric Acid Secretion in Dogs with Liver Disease, Portal Hypertension and Massive Ascites
Relationship of Histamine-Stimulated Gastric Secretion to Gastric Blood Flow and Oxygen Consumption
Pathogenesis of Calcium Bilirubinate Gallstone
Fluorescence-Inducing Corticosteroids in Peripheral Blood of Newborn Infants
Nomogram for the Rapid Calculation of Cardiac Output at the Bedside
Surgical Applications of Ethiodol with Chlorophyll in Lymphangiography
Probit Analysis of Burn Mortality in 1,831 Patients
Response to Gastrointestinal Pacing
Development of Superficial Carcinoma of the Stomach
Adenocarcinomas of the Anal Canal and Peri-anal Tissues
Mechanical Small Bowel Obstruction Due to Acute Appendicitis
Barium Granuloma Within the Peritoneal Cavity
Successful Resection of an Idiopathic Aneurysm of the Superior Mesenteric Artery
Subclavian Steal Syndrome Secondary to Embolism
Mesenchymal Hamartoma of the Liver