Incidence of Multiple Primary Cancers per Man-Year of Follow Up 20-Year Review from the Ellis Fisehel State Cancer Hospital
Primary Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus
Experiences with the Surgical Management of the Afferent Loop Syndrome
Mallory-Weiss Syndrome
Correlation of Jejunal Transfer of Water and Electrolytes with Blood Volume in Postgastrectomy Patients
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Technic of Choledochojejunal Anastomosis in Pancreatectomy
Fatal Bleeding Ulcer
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Idiopathic Perforation of the Colon in Infancy
Late Results of Bronchial Reconstruction
The Synchronous Pacer
Renal Response to Chlorpromazine in Hemorrhagic Hypotension
Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Muscular Angiographic Patterns in Lower Extremities Before and After Exercise
Effect of Hydroxyethyl Starch on Plasma Volume and Hematocrit Following Hemorrhagic Shock in Dogs Comparison with Dextran, Plasma and Ringer's
False Aneurysm of the Vertebral Artery%A Complication of Radon Seed Implantation
Mechanisms of Plasma Hemoglobin Clearance after Acute Hemolysis in Dogs
Deferred Primary Tendon Repair Results in 27 Cases
Metastatic Parathyroid Carcinoma and Hormonal Chemotherapy Case Report and Response to Hexestrol
Treatment of a Giant Cutaneous Hemangioma by Intra-arterial Injection' of Nitrogen Mustard
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Surgical Treatment of Hiatal Hernias by Fundoplication and Gastropexy (Nissen Repair)