Presidential Address
An Airborne Intensive Care Unit
Screen Filtration Pressure in Combat Casualties
Blood Sugar and Insulin Response of Humans in Shock
A Critical Appraisal of Three Decades of Management
Prophylactic Diuresis with Ethacrynic Acid for Prevention of Postoperative Renal Failure
Topical and Systemic Antibacterial Agents in the Treatment of Burns
Leucocyte Group Compatibility and Renal Allograft Survival in the Unmodified Cannine Host
A Two-Year Experience
Experimental and Clinical Experience
(With Special Reference to Histocompatibility Matching, Thymectomy, Homograft Glomerulonephritis, Heterologous ALG, and Recipient Malignancy)
The Surgical Correction of Ocular Hypertelorism
A Study of Predisposing Factors, Diagnosis and Mortality in a High Risk Group of Surgical Patients
Serum Gastrin Levels in Malignant Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome after Total Gastrectomy and Hypophysectomy
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