Surgical Management of Corrosive Gastric Injuries
Arterial Reconstruction with a Modified Collagen Tube
Maintenance of Viable Segments of Human Artery in Vitro
Splenic Vein Thrombosis with Oesophageal Varices
Neoplasms of the Small Bowel
Fluid Replacement Monitoring
Chemotherapy of Malignant Melanoma with Dimethyl Triazeno lmidazole Carboxamide (DITC) and Nitrosourea Derivatives (BCN U, CCNU)
Primary Malignancies of the Small Bowel
Primary Carcinoma of the Gallbladder
Five to Twenty Year Followup after Surgery for Chronic Pancreatitis in 748 Patients
A Comparative Study of the Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Perfusion Rewarming on Limited Circulatory Occlusion During Surface Hypo thermia, Under Halothane and Ether Anesthesia
Gardner's Syndrome
Relationship of Plasma Aldosterone Concentration to Electrolytes and Acid-base Balance in Blood after Open Cardiac Surgery
Subphrenic Abscess
The Left Shifted Oxyhemoglobin Curve in Sepsis
Pulmonary Bacterial Susceptibility in the Burned Rat
Pancreatic Secretion in Response to jejunal Feeding of Elemental Diet
Mechanism Responsible for the Cardiovascular Depressant Effect of Protarnine Sulfate
Aspiration of Blood and Pulmonary Host Defense Mechanisms
Inhibition of Heidenhain Pouch Pepsin Secretion by Commercial Cholecystokinin and Duodenal Fat in Dogs
Retained Biliary Calculi
Elective Total Gastrectomy for Cancer of the Stomach
Letters to The Editor