Improved Burn Center Survival of Patients with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Managed without Corticosteroids
Branched Chain Amino Acid Uptake and Muscle Free Amino Acid Concentrations Predict Postoperative Muscle Nitrogen Balance
The Effect of Acute Discontinuation of Total Parenteral Nutrition
Impact of Emergency Angiography in Massive Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Enterogastric Reflux and Gastric Clearance of Refluxate in Normal Subjects and in Patients with and without Bile Vomiting Following Peptic Ulcer Surgery
Procedure of Choice
Lack of Improvement in 19 Years
Hemodynamics and Coagulation in Experimental Auxiliary Liver Transplantation During Fulminant Hepatic Failure
Evidence for Dual Modulation of Pepsinogen Secretion Using Isoproterenol, Carbachol, CCK-8, Forskolin, 8 Bromo-cAMP, and A23187 Probes
Distal Splenorenal Shunt for Management of Variceal Bleeding in Patients with Schistosomal Hepatic Fibrosis
Coaxial Double PTFE-Silicone Graft
Stereotaxic Needle Localization and Cytological Diagnosis of Occult Breast Lesions
Evaluation of Insulin Secretion after Pancreas Autotransplantation by Oral or Intravenous Glucose Challenge
An Experimental Study
Utility of Operative Ultrasound in the Surgical Management of Liver Tumors
Arterial Reconstruction in the Lower Extremity
Letters to the Editor