Sepsis and Tumor Necrosis Factors—Bedfellows that Cannot Be Ignored
Hepatic Abscess Changes in Etiology, Diagnosis, and Management
The Effects of Tumor Necrosis Factor on Intestinal Structure and Metabolism
The Effect of Ambulation on Recovery from Postoperative Ileus
Efficacy of Octreotide Acetate in Treatment of Severe Postgastrectomy Dumping Syndrome
Reperfusion Inhibits Elevated Splanchnic Prostanoid Production After Hemorrhagic Shock
Evidence for Tumor Necrosis Factor-induced Pulmonary Microvascular Injury After Intestinal Ischemia—Reperfusion Injury
Blunt Traumatic Cardiac Rupture A 5-Year Experience
Treatment of Patients with Aortic Dissection Presenting with Peripheral Vascular Complications
The Risk of Large Bowel Cancer After Partial Gastrectomy for Benign Ulcer Disease
The Role of Inhalation Injury in Burn Trauma A Canadian Experience
Involvement of Thromboxane and Neutrophils in Multiple-system Organ Edema with Interleukin-2
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