ECG Evaluation of Ventricular Properties: The Importance of Cardiac Cycle Length

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Ventricular repolarization properties are dependent on cardiac cycle length. The aim of this article is to emphasize the importance of taking into account heart rate influences on QT duration but also on current and future T-wave morphology parameters. The relationship between QT interval duration and RR interval is a fundamental property of the myocardium that is impaired by the presence of channelopathies such as the LQTS or SQTS, but also by the presence of a cardiomyopathy. Assessing this property is also important when the individual QT/RR relationship is used for individual QT correction in the setting of evaluation of drugs' effect on QT duration. T-wave descriptors such as the relative weight of the terminal part of the T-wave, the amplitude of T-wave apex and Principal Component Analysis parameters are also dependent on heart rate. Assessing ventricular repolarisation ECG parameters at different heart rates avoids the need for difficult rate-correction and helps to better understand and characterize ventricular repolarisation properties.

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