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In order to cultivate human resources lacking in the clinical field of cancer, a development project for cancer professionals sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan set off in 2007. Eighteen groups made of 94 universities nationwide in Japan participated in this project to start the education to bring up graduate students majoring in medical oncology, radiation oncology and palliative medicine as well as cancer nursing, medical physics, cytology and cancer pharmacy. The purpose of this project is development of human resources, but this project also influences views and perspectives of physicians and medical staff in the filed of cancer. Especially many people recognize the importance of medical oncology and radiation oncology to practice multidisciplinary cancer treatment to improve the survival of cancer patients. Last year, a committee composed of the representatives of 18 groups surveyed the outcome achieved by this project to demonstrate the significance of this project. In total 1627 and 965 graduate students entered medical doctor course and medical staff course, respectively. Every year about 180 students majoring in medical oncology enrolled in graduate school and 699 students have been studying as a whole. Compared with medical oncology, the numbers of the students majoring radiation oncology and palliative medicine are relatively small; in total 305 in radiation oncology and 96 in palliative medicine. On the other hand, 319, 327 and 166 students entered master course of cancer nursing, medical physics and cancer pharmacy. And 149 and 80 students finished the master courses and obtained the licenses of oncology CNS (certified nurse specialist) and medical physicists, corresponding to 60% and 14% of each total registered professional. And also many people pay attention to medical staff such as nurse and medical physicist. This project is not important and useful only for the increased numbers of those professionals but also many people including patients and mass media recognize the roles of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, palliative physicians and various medical staff.

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