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Over the past five years, the number of Certified Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Certified Nurse (CN) has increased about 3 times. That is the reason why the training courses of CNS and CN have increased and the medical treatment reward for their duties has approved by a backer of the Cancer Control Act. However, the number of them has increased in urban area but not in rural area. In clinical practice, there are problems such as the labor shortage of nurses, the education of nurses of the new face, and the improvement of the quality of nursing of the bedside. Hospitalization in a hospital is only a short period of time of the acute phase, and nursing support to the patient's self care is inadequate in it. The most important nursing is bedside care, and the problem mentioned above will not settled only by an increase of CNS and CN. It is the most important responsibility for nurses who stand beside patients to assess the problems that would have occurred in patients from their medical condition and to provide information and care that patients and their families want to have. If nurses come to be able to do these, nurses can provide palliative care inevitably. It is the role and the responsibility of nurses to understand the pain of patients and to relieve from suffering of them.

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