The Role of Pressure Therapy in Management of Earlobe Keloids: Preliminary Report of a Controlled Study

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Prevention of postexcisional recurrence of the common earlobe keloid has long been an enigma to the surgeon. The increased realization that pressure aids in diminishing hypertrophic burn scars has stimulated us to develop an effective device to control the collagen over-growth frequently occurring after initial keloid excision. Our device is a decorative spring-pressure earring that is applied to the earlobe 2 weeks after excision of the keloid. The patient is instructed to wear the earring for 4 to 6 months. An effective evaluation of this device was carried out through its bilateral use in some patients. The earring was used initially on only 1 ear; when early recurrence was detected in the control ear, application of the device diminished and prevented keloid reformation. This innovation promises to be an important adjunct in the prevention of postexcisional recurrence of earlobe keloids, and the preliminary results are reported with a 12 to 15 month follow-up. Constant light pressure is discussed as an effective means of preventing postexcisional recurrence of thse lesions.

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