A New Polymer-Iodine Combination (Iodoplex) for Treatment of Donor Sites: A Preliminary Controlled Study

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A recently introduced polymer preparation (Iodoplex) is described. It is based on a new type of hydrophilic polymeric carrier into which iodine can be incorporated to the extent of 50% or more. Its main feature is that the polymer and the petroleum jelly base are water-insoluble. The iodine is slowly released from the polymer by body fluids, which are rich in protein and dead cells. Iodine has been found to be useful in the treatment of donor sites; no pain or discomfort attends its use, and the dressing peels off easily from the healed epithelium. A controlled study comparing Iodoplex-impregnated and scarlet red—impregnated gauze on donor sites was carried out, and the use of Iodoplex was found to have some real advantages over scarlet red.

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