The Effects of Suturing Technique and Vessel Size on Patency after Microarterial Repair

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According to most of the literature, sutures for microarterial repair must include the intima to prevent an “intimal flap” and occlusion of the anastomosis. Some authors have said that vessel diameter affects patency rate. This study was designed to evaluate these two statements. The femoral arteries (about 1.0 mm in diameter), the epigastric arteries (about 0.5 mm), and the central ear arteries (about 0.5 mm) of rabbits were studied. Alternate arteries were repaired using conventional suturing techniques or sutures which included the adventitia and media but excluded the intima. The patency rate in the 1 mm or 0.5 mm vessels was not affected by inclusion or exclusion of the intima from the microarterial repair. The patency rate for conventionally repaired arteries 1 mm in diameter was significantly higher than that for 0.5 mm arteries.

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