Narrowing of the Mons Pubis during Thigh Lifts

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The traditional approach to the thigh lift calls for placement of the anterior incisions in the inguinal folds. Since the lateral limits of the mons pubis are located in these folds, we have observed that stress after suturing will stretch the pilose portion laterally and downward, resulting in its widening and permitting it to become displaced onto the upper thigh. This is obviously concomitant with the well-known fall of the scar. The mons pubis becomes enlarged. I avoid this condition by placing the anterior incisions high on the inguinoabdominal region and crossing the lateral pilose portions of the mons, reducing its width. The use of this procedure over the past five years has shown that neither the scars nor the pilose area becomes visible on the upper thighs below underclothes or bathing wear: the mons pubis appears young and more congruent with the rejuvenated thighs: and because the inguinal fold is high, it gives the appearance of a longer anterior thigh.

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