Free Dermal Fat Flaps to the Face

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Patients with extensive facial asymmetry continue to be a challenge in reconstructive surgery. Surgical techniques using microvascular anastomoses and free flap transfers can now be applied in the management of patients with such conditions as Romberg disease, postirradiation hypoplasia of the face, and Goldenhar syndrome, and in patients with branchial arch developmental defects. Four patients are presented in this paper to demonstrate the use of free dermal fat in reconstruction of facial asymmetry. One patient with a moderate facial defect was treated with a free dermal fat graft, and the other 3, who had more extensive defects, were treated with deepithelialized free dermal fat flaps using direct microvascular anastomoses between the donor and recipient vessels. The groin was the donor area in each case. Results appear to indicate that free dermal fat flaps are useful in reconstructive procedures for patients with extensive facial defects.

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