Long-term Results after Surgical Reduction Cheiloplasty in Patients with Melkersson–Rosenthal Syndrome and Cheilitis Granulomatosa

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Cheilitis granulomatosa in patients with Melkersson–Rosenthal syndrome has proven difficult to treat, and various forms of symptomatic treatment of orofacial swellings have been used with varying success. To evaluate long-term results after surgical reduction cheiloplasty in patients suffering from persistent lip swellings, a follow-up study was performed on 13 patients after 16 years (median). The operations were performed after unsuccessful conservative treatment and regardless of disease activity. Pre- and postoperative medical histories were updated and a clinical examination evaluated the following criteria for a good result: symmetry of the lip, a normalized anterior projection, dimensional harmony between upper and lower lip, no disfiguring cicatrices, and no sensory disturbances. In spite of postoperative disease activity in 6 patients, all 13 patients were satisfied with the long-term result. Clinically, the results in 12 patients were considered good. We therefore recommend lip resection as described when a stationary swelling becomes associated with permanent aesthetic deformity or functional disturbances and conservative measures are unsuccessful.

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