Modifications of the Lejour Vertical Mammaplasty: Analysis of Results in 100 Consecutive Patients

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The technique of vertical mammaplasty described by Madeline LeJour nearly ten years ago has been slow to gain wide acceptance in the United States. This is perhaps due to the misconception by many that this technique is more technically demanding or harder to reproduce and teach on a consistent basis. This paper describes several modifications to Madam LeJour's procedure, including the use of a template, a controlled excision, and a tension free nipple areola complex closure. When applied routinely, these modifications to the LeJour mammaplasty have produced predictable, reliable and extremely satisfying results.

Palumbo SK, Shifren J, Rhee C. Modifications of the Lejour vertical mammaplasty: analysis of results in 100 consecutive patients. Ann Plast Surg 1998;40:354-359

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