An Unusual and Nonclassified Central Polydactyly of the Foot

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Central-type, 8-toed polydactyly is a distinctly rare congenital foot anomaly. In this report, a new subtype of the metatarsal type of the central ray polydactyly of the foot is presented. This includes a triplication, one of which is Y-shaped of the second metatarsal and 8 toes.

In the literature, polydactyly of the foot has been usually operated during childhood after walking age. We performed the surgery at 6 months of age. After ray amputation of the extra toes, we reapproximated the muscle pieces that remained on the original first and second metatarsals and repaired the transverse metatarsal ligament. Despite the early surgery, we did not encounter any problems intraoperatively and postoperatively.

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