Subpectoral Breast Augmentation Through the Abdominoplasty Incision

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Abdominoplasty and breast augmentation are often performed together, and subglandular augmentation through the abdominoplasty incision has been previously described. Nine cases of subpectoral breast augmentation and abdominoplasty performed through a single low transverse abdominal incision were performed between 2002 and 2005. The selection criteria included women who were healthy, nonsmokers, without true breast ptosis or breast deformity requiring additional shaping. The subpectoral space was accessed and the pectoralis major origins were mobilized under direct vision, and the implant pocket was shaped with the aid of a breast sizer and breast dissector. The mean follow-up was 22 months. The surgical goals were realized in all cases, with no asymmetry or implant-related complications. The standard abdominoplasty incision provides ample exposure for the creation of a subpectoral pocket and precise placement of implants. The procedure should be considered in patients who wish abdominal recontouring and breast augmentation and have minimal ptosis.

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