Single-Stage Reconstruction of Achilles Tendon Rupture With Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon Transfer and Simultaneous Free Radial Fasciocutaneous Forearm Flap

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Reconstruction of the Achilles tendon is challenging but critical for successful ambulation. The goals of Achilles tendon reconstruction are to restore power of plantar flexion, restore normal range of movement of the ankle joint, and ensure durable and pliable soft tissue coverage. We present a dehiscence of the Achilles tendon and partial soft tissue loss secondary to infection. Simultaneous Achilles tendon reconstruction with flexor hallucis longus (FHL) tendon transfer and soft tissue reconstruction with free radial forearm flap was performed as a single-stage procedure. The FHL transfer provided good restoration of plantar flexion while the free radial flap provided stable coverage over the Achilles tendon allowing normal footwear. This single-stage reconstruction provides excellent functional and aesthetic results minimizing the number of procedures and patient recovery period.

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