Presurgical Orthopedic Treatment Ameliorates Postoperative Nasal Deformity After Cheiloplasty

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We assessed the postoperative nasal form and symmetry after presurgical use of a Hotz plate (HP) in patients with unilateral complete cleft lip and palate (UCLP). The subjects were 28 infants with UCLP who underwent cheiloplasty. Of these subjects, 14 underwent presurgical orthopedic treatment using the HP (HP group) and 14 underwent the same treatment without the HP (non–HP group). Photographic records were obtained 1 and 6 months after cheiloplasty, and the results of anthropometric analysis were compared between the 2 groups. The nasal inclination and the ratio of the width of the nasal base to the total width of the nose were significantly improved in the HP group compared with the non–HP group at both postoperative time points. Thus, presurgical use of the HP significantly improved the nasal asymmetry and deformity in UCLP patients after primary cheiloplasty and nasal repair.

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