Lateral Crural Reinforcement in Secondary Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity Through a Combined Lateral Crural Turn-over Flap and Strut Graft

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Secondary cleft lip nasal deformity is a complex deformity, and the variety of recommended techniques used to correct this deformity attests to it. Much of the nasal deformity can be attributed to an abnormal lower lateral cartilage. This study presents our experience with applying a lateral crural turnover flap with a sandwiched strut graft in adjunct with other procedures to correct unilateral secondary cleft lip nasal deformity.


A retrospective review was conducted of 20 cases of unilateral cleft lip patients undergoing secondary rhinoplasty with lateral crural turnover flap with strut graft. Nostril base augmentation, columellar strut, suture techniques, and alar base reduction were performed as needed. Anthropometric analysis and subjective grading of the postoperative results were performed to evaluate the effect of the procedure on nostril symmetry.


At long-term follow-up of 1 year, the symmetry for cleft side and noncleft side nostril height, width, and angulation of long axis of nostril improved after surgery. Subjective evaluation revealed improved results for all patients.


The lateral crural turnover flap with sandwiched strut graft is a useful technique for reinforcing, repositioning, and reshaping the lower lateral cartilage in cleft lip patients with hyperconcave lateral crus and hypoplastic pyriform margin. Combined with other techniques, the nostril is increased in height, decreased in width, and thus satisfactory symmetry is obtained.

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