Repeated Use of Gluteal Fold Flaps for Post–Oncologic Vulvoperineal Reconstruction

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Background and Aim

Because of the associated high recurrence rate, future reconstructive options should be reckoned with during surgical treatment of primary or recurrent (pre)malignant vulvoperineal lesions. One of the claimed advantages of the gluteal fold flap is the possibility of repeated use of the flap in case of recurrence. We present our experience with such reuse of gluteal fold flaps to illustrate this possibility.


A mean of 27 months after initial use, 10 subcutaneously pedicled or perforator-based V-Y advancement or propeller-rotation flaps were elevated from previously used gluteal fold flaps in 9 women presenting with recurrent vulvoperineal (pre)malignancy. Five of these women had undergone radiotherapy prior to flap reuse.


Although short-term complications were observed in 3 women, all flaps survived and healed completely.


We showed the feasibility of successful reuse of subcutaneous pedicled or perforator-based gluteal fold flaps for repeated vulvoperineal reconstruction, both in nonirradiated and irradiated women. This concept of reuse of the gluteal fold flap is useful for recurring (pre)malignant vulvoperineal defects, and reconstructive surgeons and patients may benefit from this potential option.

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