Measurement of penile size in healthy Nigerian newborns using conventional penile length measurement technique

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We attempted to establish a standard penile length for male newborn Nigerians using the conventional penile length measurement technique.


Defining the normal penile size in the neonate is paramount to making accurate diagnosis of abnormalities of the penis and the medical and surgical management of these anomalies.

Patients and methods

We carried out a prospective cross-sectional study of all term male neonates within 72 h of birth from April 2013 to March 2014 in the three largest obstetric centres (University College Hospital, Adeoyo Maternity Hospital and Our Lady of Apostles Catholic Hospital) in Ibadan, Nigeria. They underwent clinical examination, and their penile sizes were measured using the conventional penile length measurement technique.


A total of 675 male Nigerian newborns were studied. The mean penile length was 3.14±0.65 cm, and the mean penile width was 0.97±0.15 cm.


The penile dimensions obtained are comparable with reported values in previous studies in other parts of the world.

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