Use of the Stomach as an Esophageal Substitute

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Esophagoplasty with isoperistaltic stomach is a useful and satisfactory means of reconstruction of the esophagus. It is simpler and there is no necessity for using a reversed gastric tube. The most essential points of technique for the modelling of the stomach, is taking advantage of the ample intramural vascular network and adequate selection of the highest point of the stomach for the site of the esophago-or pharyngogastrostomy. To utilize the intramural vascular network, sufficient width of the stomach is necessary. This also allows strecthing of the stomach. Esophageal resection and reconstruction using the isoperistaltic stomach above the level of the neck was performed on 130 cases. Among them 40 cases were pharyngogastromies and 90 cases were cervical esophagogastromies. There was one operative death due to alcoholic liver cirrhosis (operative mortality rate 0.8%). If the stomach is properly handled, esophageal replacement by the isoperistaltic stomach gives constant success.

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