Results of Surgical Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitis Report of 142 Cases

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The authors report on 142 patients treated surgically for chronic pancreatitis. They had an average age of 43.5; 34.5% were calcific; 62.7% were alcoholics; 28.9% had cysts; 19% had diabetes; 16.9% had steatorrhea; and all had pain. A follow-up of 55 patients undergoing pancreaticojejunostomy showed that, 4–21 years following operation 16 had marked improvement, 11 had some relief, four were not relieved from pain, and 24 had died, three within one month postoperatively and 21 later. Eighty to ninety-five per cent pancreatectomy was more effective in relieving pain in the 9 patients subjected to this type of resection than was the 50–80% pancreatic resection used in 16 patients. Pancreaticoduodenectomy was of some value in three of five patients so operated. Celiac ganglionectomy, used in 22 patients, and sphincteroplasty, used in 35 patients, were less effective in relieving symptoms than the other procedures.

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