Abdominal Wound Dehiscence in Gastroenterological Surgery

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The occurrence of complete wound dehiscence is analyzed in a group of 4538 patients treated with abdominal surgery. All possible measures for the prevention of wound dehiscence should be taken at the time of operation, especially when two or more of the following predisposing factors are present: male, more than 64-years-old, complicated neo-plastic and inflammatory diseases, as well as bleeding and noncomplicated inflammatory diseases (except appendicitis), as well as emergency interventions. The use of Ventrofil± plates for the prevention of wound dehiscence is recommended in these cases. It is demonstrated that the incidence of complete wound dehiscence in cases with predisposing factors is significantly decreased when extrapreventive measures are taken at the time of wound closure, what results in a decrease of the frequency by which wound dehiscence after gastrointestinal operations occurs.

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